Transform Your Abode into a Warm and Cosy Retreat

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You return home after your daily grinds, plop down on the couch with your choice of drink in hand and ready to unwind. You notice all is in place, yet the ambience seems to resemble the harsh office surroundings that you just cannot escape from. And you start questioning what is missing.

Lighting – the most overlooked element of ambience setting, has undeniably the power to create a comfortable environment with the consistent selection of Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT).

Transform your abode into a warm and cosy retreat with Line – a slim, sleek and versatile piece illuminating at a comforting CCT of 3000K warm white.

Available in 3 styles and 2 finishing

An intricate design structure paired with a minimalistic outlook; Line sits effortlessly into your ceiling to give a clean and neat profile or opt for the surface-mounted to give your ceiling a sophisticated polish. Ranging from 2 to 20 watts, these individually-housed, micro-size high-powered LED light source comes with a little concave design to achieve high visual comfort.

Photo: 19EightyThree

Equipped with a tilting mechanism, Line Adjust boast its 30-degree tilt angle

Given recognition for its optimal illumination due to its high-powered OSLON Square LED, Line also attains a high Colour Rendering Index to ensure visual crispness to enhance your interior outlook.

Pair it with a dimmer from Buster + Punch to tune down your preferred brightness setting, creating an ambiance you call your own.

Photo: Architology

The captivating light beam falls onto the wall at a wide angle of 48-degree

With the warm white glow that sets a comforting mood within the proximity, you will not even want to spend another evening away from your bedroom.

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