Splurge on This Lighting Feature to Make Your Home Look Better

Staying in the interior design business in Singapore for over 10 years with only word-of-mouth recommendation is no easy feat. Alvin Ng, co-founder of Fidé ID found his niche and has been doing just that for close to 15 years by following a particular set of relationship values, "We emphasise a lot on building trust and confidence with our clients."

"We emphasise a lot on building trust and confidence with our clients." – Alvin Ng, Fidé ID.

Calling the interior design career a 'long journey', Alvin adds, "We've been collaborating with Sol Luminaire for close to 7 years. It has been a wonderful journey and relationship."

Contemporary fine art gallery, Yang Gallery, designed by Fidé ID and illuminated by Sol Luminaire.

The designer of the home-grown interior design firm takes us through a lesson on values, light and more.

Light... serves its functional purpose of illuminating a living space. Both natural and artificial light plays an important aspect in enhancing the aesthetic appeal in interior design and architecture. It sets the mood and ambience for users.

A high CRI in our Globula light enhances the colour of artworks.

The Globula family of lights.

My favourite bit of the design process is... space planning. It is an essential part of the design process and getting it right from the start allows ideas to naturally flow through. For that to happen we get a good understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations, then maximise the given space without compromising on functionality and aesthetic. A good space planning excites both the interior designer and the client.

On the art of illumination... I like to use natural light as much as possible to light up a space, but there’s only so much natural light can do. Artificial lighting, on the other hand, allows interior designers and lighting specialists to create different moods and settings for different occasions, sometimes with the help of lighting automation. It is important to have a good balance of ambient, task and accent lighting when designing a space. Architectural and decorative lighting are important because... they play a vital role in enhancing the design of a home as they affect the way people experience the space. Lighting draws attention to the textures, colours, contours and shapes of a space. As we rely heavily on visual appreciation of interior design, lighting enhances the way in which we perceive interior design even more. Without light, we won’t be able to visualise and feel the impact of the designed space. Our working relationship with Sol Luminaire... is wonderful. We've been collaborating for close to 7 years. The team has always been very professional, from providing good before and after sales service in our commercial and residential projects, to always improving on the designs and variety of the lights that they offer.

My advice to aspiring designers... build good relationship with clients, work hard and persevere as it is a long journey. Our 14 years in business mostly relied on referrals as a result of putting a lot of emphasis on building trust and confidence with our clients. Also, one should never stop learning especially in the interior design industry. There are always new materials being introduced, new concepts, trends and more.

My one lighting recommendation... will be to get lights with dimming capability. It is one aspect I will not overlook as it gives the user greater flexibility in creating the perfect mood for the occasion.

Our lights are supported with dimming capability to help create the perfect mood and vibe for different occasions.

When designing a project... time, cost and quality are the three main factors. With that, we take into consideration the clients' profiles and manage expectations. It is also important to tailor the project to the needs and wants of the clients and we make sure that we strike a good balance of both.

I always get asked about... durability and after sales service on the lights. I assure my clients that it wouldn't be an issue as long as the lights are from Sol Luminaire, often citing my own purchase as an example. I have not experience a single blown light in my home for 5 years, and in the event that the lights do give way, the support from Sol Luminaire is just a call away. In my free time... I hit the gym, practise yoga and run.

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