We've Sold 222,000 Units of This Light Since 2012

At a time when traditional downlights in Singapore were designed to look boring, clumsy and really wide-set, opting for energy-saving LED lights in one's homes was akin to committing interior design crimes. Plus those traditional downlights were only made to be fitted into ceilings – and we all know how much of a style sin that would be to have large holes drilled into the ceilings of your perfectly designed mid-century modern home.

Halo 2012

Halo was first launched in 2012 and was the very first of its kind in the local downlight industry.

Designed with thinner trimmings to put all your concerns with traditional downlights at ease, the Halo promises an almost invisible look when it's switched on. This is because the human gaze gravitates towards the light itself as a natural reflex and with the aid of Halo's concave design, this reduces glare that enhances visual comfort.

Not forgetting the ring of light emitted when turned on, it serves as an additional ceiling design that catches one's gaze almost instantly.

Halo Trimless V2

When switched on, Halo puts up the perfect disappearing act.

While the downlight's streamlined exterior is lauded by interior designers, the cherry on the cake would have to be Halo's texturised finish. Made to mimic the finishing of ceiling paint, the texture further ensures a seamless transition, putting up the perfect disappearing act when viewed from a distance.

Close to 222,000 units of Halo downlights sold since 2012.

Halo doesn't just remain a mainstay because of its consistent sleek design and streamlined exterior.

We've also progressively upgraded Halo in line with technological advancements to stay ahead of industry’s trends.

Incorporating Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs maximises Halo’s Lumen to Watt output ratio and achieves a high Colour Rendering Index for clarity while ensuring consistent Correlated Colour Temperature of Warm White 3000K throughout batches.

Conventional LED utilises up to ten Standard Deviation Colour Matching (SDCM). We made ours work with one SDCM along with Safety Mark drivers.

Halo V2

Halo gives a soft architectural glow with scalloping effect.

The light’s tilting and rotating ability also allows light beam to fall onto the wall at a wider angle - also known as the wall washing technique.

Choose from 5 styles from the Halo series – also compatible with selected Smart Home Systems.

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