Kepler, an all time favourite

Photo: Hock Hoon

Mimicking as an eclipse, Kepler is set to ideally placed near your bedside as a reading lamp, night light or even, at your lounge area.

Despite its design centric outlook, Kepler does not forsake functionalities. With the ability to tilt up to 90° and 355° rotation. Furthermore, it has an inbuilt discreet reading light at 40° beam angle. Such an all-rounded wall lamp.​

Variations of Kepler in reading light setting

Conveniently, Kepler eliminates the need to operate with switches. With a single ON-OFF button located at the bottom of the fixture for switching illumination settings while additionally serves to dim down Kepler brightness level to your preferred choice, simply by pressing onto it. How neat is that?


Illuminating at 4W with 3000K Warm White, Kepler has an Integrated Memory Dimming function to have your preferred brightness level the next time you turn it on.

Photo: The Interior Lab

Kepler is available in multiple finishing, speak to any of our lighting specialists today to find out which variation of Kepler can best suit your home!

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