Illuminating with Isa

Photo: Eightytwo

The Isa Series is no stranger to Owners who seek to achieve a clean and sleek ceiling look. Recessed effortlessly into your ceiling and with its further intruded light funnel, it provides a discreet look that portrays as if there is illumination flowing down from your ceiling without an actual lighting fixture.

Photo: Architology Interiors

Not forsaking it's functionalities, Isa is equipped with the unfazed Dim-to-Warm technology. Available in 10 or 13 Watt, the Series allows you to tune down the Correlated Colour Temperature, or most commonly known as CCT, from 3000K Warm White to 2000K Sunset Feel, to enjoy your desired sunset ambiance at any time of the day.

Moreover, compatible Smart Home* systems, such as Control 4, Berka Automation or Google Home, allows you to digitally control Isa’s CCT to preset your preferred ambiance.

Isa Soft Trimless V2, 3000K – 2000K

With its slim fitted funnel resulting in a narrower beam angle, a spotty ambiance control can easily be achieved with a slightly wider light-to-light distance that ultimately resulting an additional element of Shadow Play, without compromising a soft flow of illuminance over your preferred areas.

Photo: Architology Interiors

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