The Ultimate Guide to a Well-Illuminated Home

Photo: Architology Interiors

A warm and welcoming home leaves no room for obtrusive glare and a harsh, overexposed interior. Step into a well illuminated home with Isa, a timeless model from Sol Luminaire that provides the ultimate visual comfort for users. The simplistic design paired with a further recessed light source allows the light to seamlessly integrate into any creative concept whilst still retaining its sharp luminosity.

Isa is also pictured to be the object of many creative light planning. Pictured above, Isa Soft Trimless is placed in a cluster formation, creating areas of highlights and contrast within the expansive living space. This allows a distinct sense of depth within the interior, giving a sense of comfort to users.

Above: Isa Soft Trimless in matte black atop the bathroom sink.

We also see Isa used as a point of contrast just by changing the colour of the light’s housing. As the design of the light is easily adaptable to any interior intent, Isa provides an added flexibility aside from its functionality.

Visual comfort is always a matter of great consideration when designing lights within AEON’s range of luminaires.

UGR or Unified Glare Rate is a rating system that helps determine how likely a light source and its utility in a room causes discomfort to those around it, taking into consideration the eye level and the direction of view from the user. The lower the value of the UGR, the less discomfort the user will experience from the light.

One of the ways we have designed the Isa series of light is with its individually housed diodes that shields the user’s eyes from the illumination emitted from the light source.

For more insights on lights and how to increase visual comfort in your space, visit our gallery and speak with our team of lighting specialist today.

The Isa series is now available in 13 watts for a brighter illumination and retaining the same visual comfort. Also integrated with dim to warm technology that changes your lighting temperature from 3000K warm white to 2000K sunset. Email us at for more information.





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