Inspired Lighting Application for an Impressive Home in Singapore

There is always a sense of rigidity when it comes to light placements. Perhaps this is stemmed from the fact that light is always the last and most overlooked items of home decor. Putting an end to the repetitive lines and rows of lights, here are some cluster lighting inspiration to re-imagine your interior.

Photo: Distinct Identity

Cluster placement for lights aims to bring more ambience into any domestic space. This is done by creating areas of highlights complemented by areas of shadowing. Draw attention to the main communal space, by placing lights in clusters above the dining area. The combination of lights will create layers of illumination, displaying a more dynamic visual aesthetic.

The ideal illumination for bedrooms is one that is cosy and comforting. Place the light source away from the bed head for that soft and indirect illumination.

Photo: Architology

Photo: Minimo

Let your eyes gravitate towards a designated area by using illumination as an accent to your space. Creating a sense of visual balance with the dark interior, the lights are thoughtfully placed in twins to enhance the intensity of illumination in this project located at Bukit Batok.

The dark colour palette is also complemented by the art piece placed in centre of the white contrasting walls (pictured above). Shining light from the ceiling is the Halo series, in-built with an adjustable angle of 45 degrees. To ensure a consistent aesthetic, the same light placement is translated to the transition area.

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