Inside Designer Royston Phang's Industrial-Minimalist Home

For Product Design Consultant Royston Phang and his family, having an apartment at a peaceful district of Pasir Ris meant being able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Featuring our Voli Track and Thea light series in the halllway

Upon arrival at his place, you would have a sense that the Phangs have an eye for design. Every piece of furniture belonged, as if they were custom-built for their homes. There is a certain charm to the way each room was designed, based on the type of finishing he and Interior Designer Millimeters Studio chose — an important detail that new homeowners often overlook.

Our Globula Chrome Black track lights highlights Royston's textured rattan wardrobe

“A lot of stuff like the tables are inspired by Asian architecture”, as you can see in their use of Rattan — derived naturally from a renewable palm that grows in tropical regions of Asia.

Toilet sliding doors were made of steel, wall décor were artfully sculptured, and his lighting fixtures doubled up as stunning architectural pieces covered in concrete or chrome exteriors.

“The concrete spotlights blend into the environment, I love the light quality. It ranges from a very warm to a warm white setting.”

Sol Luminaire deep dives into Royston’s love for experimenting new materials and the type of lightings that were integral in elevating his home.

So what’s your favourite part of the house?

There are two. One is of course the master bedroom. The reading lights give off a nice, ethereal feel. It was a surprise for us, as we didn’t expect the light quality to perform so well.

Kepler lights double up for creating cosy ambience or quiet reading

The second is the utility room, which also houses our helpers’ bedroom. It’s my own muse now. I just wanted something really industrial. This house is pretty much an experiment for material exploration.

Would you say that designing your house is a form of self-expression?

In a way, yes. I would rather spend money prototyping than on other people’s design furniture.

Are there places or spaces you’ve been that have inspired you greatly?

Places that consist of textural and sculptural elements. Spaces that evoke a sense of calm and spaciousness. Un-cluttered and a bit of art-inspired.

How did you select the lights?

The lights are versatile — it doubles as a spotlight, an ambient light, and it’s multifunctional.

Royston customises our Voli Track lights as a stunning sculptural ceiling artpiece

How did you hear of Sol Luminaire?

Through our interior designer, Millimeters Studio.

Photography by Beast Corp

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