5 Ways to Light up Your Home with Globula

Adaptable to the changes in lighting task, Globula shines in its flexibility to direct light within your interior. The light is supported by the ability to tilt and rotate – creating endless interior lighting possibilities and complete with visual comfort from its honeycomb accessory.

Recessed Cluster

Globula in recessed cluster creates areas of high brightness, layering the intensity of light within your space to construct the perfect ambient interior.

Product: Globula in Matte Black (8W) Designer: Architology

Twin Pairing

Areas with small spaces will benefit from twin pairing placement. The dual sources of light create an area of focal illumination – expanding the visual perception of your interior space by incorporating contrast.

Product: Globula Exposed in Chrome Black (10W) Designer: The Carpenter’s Design Group

Linear Track

Adopting the linear placement of track lighting, this project creates an illusion of elongated space and leverages on the flexibility of light to direct the throw of illumination.

Product: Globula Track in Chrome Black (10W) Designer: Rezt+Relax Interior Design

Visit this project in a 360 degree virtual tour.

Singular Wall Mount

Counter unwanted shadows with Globula Exposed and breeze through your grooming preparations every start of your day.

Product: Globula Exposed in Matte Black (10W) Designer: Vanhus Interior

Wall Mount Cluster

The high flexibility of Globula Exposed (10W) supports a different approach to high ceiling illumination in this project, bringing the light closer to the space through a wall mount technique.

Product: Globula Exposed in Matte Black (10W) Designer: Architology

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