Founded in 2008, Sol Luminaire® is an innovative lighting establishment in Singapore that uses the element of light in the field of space planning and design. Introducing our in-house brand of lighting fixtures, AEON®, two years after our incorporation, we design, manufacture and integrate creative lighting solutions to residential and commercial projects across South East Asia.

Our fundamental beliefs in light planning requires the harmony of people and space. Sol Luminaire® presents a tailored experience to our clients with the expertise of our trained Lighting Specialist. We readily extend our assistance to architects, interior designers and homeowners alike, aiding to differentiate each
unique concept underpinning every project.


Here at Sol Luminaire®, we are passionate about working with light as our primary medium. Hence in 2010, we introduced AEON®, our in-house brand of locally designed lighting fixtures into the Singapore Market.

We believe that lighting plays an essential part in the emotive, aesthetic and lifestyle considerations in residential and commercial spaces. Our design philosophy encompasses a common theme of Form and Function - an innovative lighting solution with mechanically competent design constructed with our consumers usage in mind.

The AEON® brand is also committed in creating practical and sustainable solutions, assimilating the green movement with our processes and developments, doing our part for a more sustainable world. Working in tandem with our strict quality standards, all our products are certified CE and RoHS compliant and come with a 3-year onsite warranty. The majority of our drivers are also Safety Marked by SPRING Singapore.


Established in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, the LAB2.1 is a project under Sol Luminaire®, spearheading to be the first experimental platform for radical lighting and
lifestyle products from Asia and around the world. Advocating a fresh perspective on this category, the LAB2.1 concept is ever evolving to challenge creativity and boundaries.


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